Corporate Culture

Why Inclusion Is Good for Business

Diversity and inclusion are two of the most important topics in Human Resources – and organisations at large – today.
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Employee Engagement

Power Up Your Employee Retention Strategies

Losing high performing employees is difficult for managers, teams and your overall organisation. Turnover doesn’t just impact morale and productivity. It also leads to the added costs of: - Paying...
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Organisational Development

Accelerate the Pace of Talent Development at Your Company

It seems that companies are striving to operate at a third-third Assertive pace these days. As the World Economic Forum describes, innovation and disruption are occurring more quickly than ever...
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Five Steps to Mentoring Success

I have had quite a few meaningful mentors throughout my life and have served as a mentor myself. Some of these relationships happened organically; others in a more formal fashion. Whether I was...
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Professional Development

What Communication Skills Should You Prioritise?

How many job descriptions have you read (or created) that include “excellent communication skills” as a requirement? With the impact communication has on businesses, it’s no wonder that so many...
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Sharon Taylor

Recent Posts

3 min read
Organisational Development - May 25, 2019

Make Your Cross-Functional Team a Success

As companies seek to be more adaptive to changing market demands, traditional siloed team structures are no longer the norm in organisational design. We’re finding that matrixed and cross-functional teams are becoming more...
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5 min read
Team Development - Apr 29, 2019

Aligning with Your C-Suite: Six Steps to Building a Company Training Programme

Learning and development is no longer a luxury in the workplace; it’s a necessity. As training becomes a staple in the corporate environment, we are seeing a greater focus on the process behind implementing successful learning...
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5 min read
Organisational Development - Apr 5, 2019

Is Professional Development a Cornerstone of Your Employee Benefits Programme?

When you’re speaking with prospective employees, how do you talk about your organisation’s benefits package? Traditionally, when candidates ask about benefits, employers highlight their healthcare and life insurance options,...
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4 min read
Team Development - Mar 8, 2019

Personalise Your Training & Development Programmes

Personalisation is everywhere. Automated emails use our first names, advertisements pop up on social media based on our search history and our music playlists are tailored to our listening behaviours. Organisations are taking...
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5 min read
Corporate Culture - Feb 23, 2019

Strive for Evolution - Not Just Revolution - in Your Company Culture

The term “agile” has become a buzzword in recent years, impacting more than just tech companies as well as Research and Development teams. The idea of regular improvement has a place in most business conversations now, and...
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