Organisational Development

How to Leverage User-Generated Content in Your L&D Programmes?

There’s a lot of pressure on Learning & Development (L&D) teams today. While executive support for our programmes is growing and fewer professionals see budget as their top challenge, there are...
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Professional Development

4 Highs to Staying Relevant in the Age of Disruption

The key to success in this transformative period is to build connections for potential collaborations as the new way of competition.
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Corporate Culture

Digesting Analytics as Easy as 4-3-2-1

People are your central driver of success. Data analytics can value-add to your people management approach, driving performance across the organisation.
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Organisational Development

Is Skills Mastery a Thing of the Past?

Three leaders weigh in on the role that skills mastery plays in the future workplace and how we can prepare for it.
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Data and Technology

What Every Company Should Know About Talent Analytics

If you want to hire the employees you need, you have to use "people analytics" in order to find them. The resume is impressive. The interview flows. The background check is clean. The hire is...
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5 min read
Data and Technology - Nov 9, 2017

Technology in Hiring Is Growing. Where Should You Invest?

At some point in time, technology has disrupted every industry including recruitment. With more touchpoints across a multitude of platforms, companies are using technology to build a compelling employer brand, support the...
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4 min read
Corporate Culture - Aug 30, 2017

Are You Effectively Leveraging the Benefits Technology Brings?

Think about how much your personal work environment has changed in the last 10 years. Even five years. How much of that change is attributed to technology?
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